Disconnect from the digital world and reconnect with the power of touch.  

This treatment will not only address your top skin concerns but it will also cleanse you from digital pollution

Computers, cell phones and other digital devices make life more convenient in many ways, but constant digital stimulation can overtax the eyes, neck, hands, arms, and even the brain.  This leads to increased stress levels, and lack of sleep which can dull the appearance of the skin and accentuate signs of premature aging.

benefits of taking a break

less toxic stress

more mindfullness

deeper connections to other people

increased creativity

more restful sleep 

better skin

showering stress can decrease the skins reactivity while restful sleep can provide dramatic effects on the skin due to increased blood flow.  Increased downtime through a digital detox also allows the skin to switch fromm defence mode" to "regeneration mode" so it 

applying vitamins topical help to accelerate the skins natural repair process, strengthen elasticity, and improve smoothness.

5 simple ways to do a digital detox

delete apps you don't use often

turn off push notifications

ignore social media for a full day

plan a phone or computer free activity

don't charge devices in the bedroom