Do you have a waiting room/reception?

No, The Workshop is a truly personal experience.  Your visit here is your own, and we try to leave space between appointments so you won't overlap with other clients.  If you do notice that there is another car in the parking spot, please wait in your car for a few moments.


How can I pay?

The Workshop takes all major credit cards, debit tap transactions (up to $100) and cash


Is The Workshop in your home?

Yes and no, The Workshop is beside my home in a separate building on our property.  Being such there are times that you may meet my Husband Andy, or one of our children Cole or Arley.  We also have two dogs Sunny and Toby that you may come across.  


I'm scared of Dogs!

If you are scared of dogs please let me know, and I will make sure they are inside the house before you arrive.  They do have an electric fencing system so they do not come over in front of the shop where you will be walking.

What products do you use?

The two main products that we use are Dermalogica and Footlogix

How should I prepare for a pedicure?

If you forget to shave, please don't apologize!  You shouldn't shave before pedicures anyway.  No need to clip your toenails, or remove polish.  That's my job.


Should I wear SPF after a Skin Treatment?

YES!  Your skin can be photosensitive and burn easier for up to 7 days after a professional exfoliation.


How do you keep your clients safe?

We take all possible precautions to keep our clients safe from pathogenic bacteria.  It is extremely important. 

  • We have a thorough procedure for our pedicure and manicure implements.  First they have a sporocidal alcohol based disinfectant holding bath before being scrubbed with soap and water, dried and immersed in a chemical sterilant.  After this they are dried and either used on you, or stored in an airtight container for later use.

  • Pedicure bowls are scrubbed and then filled with water and a hydrotherapy disinfectant, dried and then sprayed with a sporocidal hospital grade disinfectant.  All product bottles used, and surfaces are wiped down with an ethyl alcohol wipe between clients.  And floors are washed between each pedicure.  

  • Skin Treatment brushes and bowls are cleaned with soap and water and sprayed with an ethyl alcohol disinfectant.  All  product bottles, counters, steamers, chairs etc. are wiped down with an ethyl alcohol wipe.

After waxing 

After skin treatment

No need to arrive early for skin treatments, your consultation time is built into your service time. 

After nail braces