Skin Treatments

aka "Facials"

Healthy Skin Treatments can be done for the face, or back.  

30 min ~ $53

 Address your one biggest skin concern fast with this highly targeted treatment.  Includes cleansing, exfoliation, toner, and skin protection.  *may change according to main targeted treatment.  Focus can be on dehydration, aging, breakouts, pigmentation, or even dry eyes or lips during seasonal changes.  Monthly treatments are recommended

 60min ~ $83

 Immerse yourself in a skin care experience which uses everything in Dermalogica’s arsenal to customize a treatment for your best skin.  Includes cleansing, exfoliation, extractions (as needed), tailored accupressure or european massage, eye massage, masque, toner and skin protection.  Monthly treatments are recommended

Back Treatment

 Our backs can experience the same skin conditions as our face such as acne, pigmentation, and dryness.  This treatment will be customized for your individual concerns



Skin Revision Treatments

 Skin Revision can be done for the face, or back.  



A series can be booked anywhere between 3, 6 or12 treatments depending on your concern and the level of change desired.   Using the recommended product home care will also improve desired results

  *Results are not guaranteed as every person's skin responds to treatment differently.  Results also depend on varying factors including, age, health, medication, lifestyle, and proper home care



Your skin revision may include one or more of the following treatment options:

Skin Resurfacing 

 Uses a layered effect of various skin exfoliation techniques to achieve a skin peel without any down time.  Best for aging, acne and pigmentation skin concerns  

Ultra Anti-Inflammatory

Every step tailored to cool, calm, and reduce ~ irritation, itchiness, redness, and heat in the skin.  Including Anti-inflammatory formulas and techniques like cold stones, cold stainless steel, a cool diatomaceous earth masque, oatmeal masques, and lymphatic drainage massage techniques.


 Extractions are performed to remove buildup and breakouts from the follicles.  Some extraction series might include oil cleansing at home to help the skin purge debris and oil.  Sessions may be several per week to every two to three weeks.  


 Red, Blue, and Infrared light therapy treatments




Skin Consultation


 If you would like to know more about your skin, start a new skin care routine, or you would like to start regular skin appointments but don't know what kind of treatments your skin needs, then this is a great start for you.  You will fill out a detailed questionnaire, and like detectives we will go through to determine if there are any possible correlations and causes or possible fixes for your skin concerns.  I will then cleanse your skin and we will have an in depth conversation about your skin while I analyze what I see.  We will discuss the best home care routine for you and treatment recommendations to improve your skin concerns, and get you on the right track.   

*Cost for skin consultation can be put against product purchase or booking a skin treatment


Foot Maintanance


With Polish ~ $65

Without Polish ~ $60

With Shellac~ $78 ~ Add Removal $10

 A warm soak in a stainless steel bowl, followed by a scrub, callous reduction, cuticle work, nail trim, and foot massage.  

*Pedicure is 90 minutes

*with gel polish 120 minutes

Clients over 80, and Diabetic clients

With Polish ~ $55

Without Polish ~ $50

 A short warm soak in a stainless steel bowl, followed by gentle callous reduction, and gentle cuticle work.  Nails will be trimmed and left slightly long to protect the skin on the toes.   Finish with a light moisture application to the feet and legs.

Your service may change depending on your type of diabetes and if it is controlled, and if you have CVI or neuropathy. 


Callous Treatment  ~ $30

Callous treatments are scheduled in between your regular pedicures.  

A warm soak followed by callous reduction using a blade and or various callous reducing bits and finishing with a Urea based callous foam.    Treatments might be recommended every week to every second week for an extend period of time.  Every visit the maximum reduction possible is 35% and over time the body will produce less callous and visits will be more periodic

*polish not included   


BS Brace for Ingrown/Involuted toenails ~ $30

 Monthly application of the BS Brace is an option for painful ingrowns, and nails that have become involuted (excessively curved) over time.  The toenails will be trimmed, shaped, and buffed, with detailed cuticle work.  Special nail glue will adhere the brace to the nail, and care will be taken to ensure there is no pain or discomfort from the brace   

*do not shower or get your feet wet at least 24 hours before your service for proper adhesion of the brace to nail

*Includes 1 (one) Brace, additional braces $15

*If done at the same time as a pedicure, the pedicure will be performed "dry" to ensure proper adhesion of the braces and will be charged $15 per brace



Hand Maintanance


With Polish ~ $50

Without Polish ~ $45

With Shellac ~ $60  ~ add removal ~ $10

 Detailed cuticle work, nail trim and shape, warm hand towels, body oil and and hand massage with moisturizing cream

*manicure is 60minutes, with Gel polish 90 minutes  

Shellac ~

Removal ~ $30

This stand alone service offers Shellac removal, nails reshaping, light cuticle work, and is finished with an application of cuticle cream and nail strengthener


Nails are trimmed and shaped, light cuticle work, Shellac is applied, and re-hydrating serum application around cuticles


Natural nails ~ $45

With Removal ~ $55


Natural nails ~ $55

With Removal ~ $65




Eyebrow Tinting ~ $10


Eyebrow Shaping ~ $15

Upper Lip ~ $10

Chin ~ $10

Brow/Lip/Chin ~ $30

Full Face (everything) ~ $50

Underarm ~ $15