Why I use stainless steel

Have you ever been to a pedicure where they have huge footspas with recirculated jets for you to put your feet in? I have and I see them everywhere, and they feel great!! The only problem with them is that they are hotbeds for disease. It has been a growing issue and people can develop Staph infections or worse.

The reason is that they are not always cleaned properly after your service, or after the person before you. Did you know that when the jets are turned off a little bit of the water you are soaking your feet in gets sucked back into the jet? No? Well think about the last person's water being re-circulated along with yours. No thanks. Even if it is a pipeless tub there are screens and water ocilators that need to be removed and cleaned of debris left behind.


Now, there will be places that are diligent and will disinfect them properly but I guarantee it is not all of them. Here's what's supposed to happen.....

The tub should be scrubbed with a good detergent/soapy water solution and rinsed... wait that's not all..... THEN it must be filled with a disinfectant solution and circulated through the system for anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes!! That takes valuable time; time when another client could be in the chair already.

So the next time you go for a pedicure and they have a footspa to sit in, please ask for no jet bubbles and ask about their disinfecting routine. Unless you see them clean the tub from the last person you have no idea how they are protecting you from infection. It is your right to know, and they should be able to give you a detailed answer about how they keep you safe. Here's a great article with more juicy information.

Or you could come to The Workshop where we use stainless steel bowls and tools that can easily be disinfected between clients. No jets, no icky water.

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